Doron Beuns (1994) works and lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His extended sculptural practice encompasses photography, screen printing, collage, video, and performance. Doron’s work engages with questions regarding self-determination, coexistence, and estrangement. By imagining inanimate objects as the shadow of living subjects,the artist explores the friction between interior and exterior, fluidity and stasis and self and other.

Master of Fine Arts - Norwich University of the Arts
Bachelor International Fashion & Technology  Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Vice Chancelor commendation - Masters degree show

XIBT magazine 
Norwich University of the Arts 
Hue and Eye magazine

Documentary by Jeremie Le Colleter 
Storehouse magazine 16

Eastern Daily Press
ID Magazine

A transfomrative moment, NUA Masterclass (online), Norwich University of the Arts, 2022
Who am I, Masters department, Norwich University of the Arts, 2019


A transformative moment, USUAL BUSINESS, London (solo)

1m2collective, Dutch Design Week, Van Abbe Museum (group)
Print and Play- ON DISPLAY, Online exhibition, The world wide web (group)

OLYMPICS x ART. FASTER? HIGHER? STRONGER?, co.galerie, Paris (group)
Print and Play- INSIDE, Online exhibition, The world wide web (group)
IN LINE OUT OF LINE with Tijme Veldt, Almost Not Done/Soho House, Amsterdam (duo)

Vesper 03, Vesper, Amsterdam (group)
Soirée des musique et des arts,  St-Art HQ, msterdam (group)

Consume, Nunnsyard Yallops, Norwich (group)
I estrange therefore I am, MA degree show, Norwich University of the Arts, Norwich (group)
Self-destructed self-portraits, Norwich University of the Arts, Norwich (solo)
Maison de Conneries défilé, Huis van iemand anders, Amsterdam (collab)
Eye Opener exhibition, Studio 20, Norwich (group)
Transitory, Norwich University of the Arts, Norwich (group)